Alien Transporter is an interesting cool math game in which you will take the role of a taxi driver on an alien planet. Your mission is to take passengers and transport them around the world map as quickly as possible using your little space ship. You can either play single or two player mode in this game. Select one of the 2 difficulty levels and start playing. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to control the spaceship. Collect coins while flying in the air. Try to land carefully, otherwise you will crash. Watch your remaining fuel and number of lives left on the top of the screen. Customize your ship and engine color from the main menu. Unlock new colors as you progress in the game. There are 20 super fun levels to complete in Alien Transporter. If you have finished the game and want to reset your progress, you can do so by clicking at the trash button in the menu. How many aliens can you transport?




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